BTECH’s Message

Meet ICT - Ubaydli Ubaydli

Ubaydli Ubaydli

Chairman – BTECH (Bahrain Technology Companies Society)

His Majesty the King, Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, in his recent speech has drawn the blueprints for the country’s ICT roadmap. As BTECH, we believe our role is to ensure that the collective efforts in the country are aligned with His majesty’s vision, following his mandate with this year’s theme of Meet ICT and BITEX: Digital Economy.

In its 10th addition of Meet ICT and BITEX, we’re celebrating more than a decade of a successful event, we are celebrating the progress Bahrain has achieved by creating a talent pool and employing it to build a digital economy, which requires a visionary mindset.

Bahrain has proven again that it’s a pioneer country, which can foresee the significance and benefits of employing technology in the core of the country’s vital organ, the economy. As all the components of Technology; AI, Cloud Computing and Fintech are changing the business world, by creating new models and opportunities for the talented entrepreneurs and enterprises of Bahrain.

I look forward to welcome you to MEET ICT & BITEX 2020 and I hope you have a pleasant experience.

Organizer’s Message

Meet ICT - Ahmed AlHujairy

Ahmed ALHujairy

Group CEO – Worksmart for Events Management

The digital economy is growing, evolving and continuously undermining conventional notions. It is instrumental in developing our society to be smarter and efficient. Our world is changing and constantly undergoing digital transformation. We need to be the Founders and Leaders who will direct this transformation through reconstructing business models, driving industry innovation, promoting mass entrepreneurship, creating more jobs and supporting initiatives that help pursue a better tomorrow. 

In the light of our serious efforts towards the economy of knowledge with its modern trends, we would like to direct in this regard the government to start putting a comprehensive national plan that secures to us complete readiness in dealing with the requirements of the digital economy, through adopting and utilizing artificial intelligence techniques in the service and production sectors, through putting together the required systems, completing the technological infrastructures, and motivating qualitative investments to ensure the maximum benefit as a return from that on our national economy.

The event will take you to an overall experience of how the technologies are driving and affecting our economy and how Digital transformation is taking over our businesses, transactions, the way our government operates and most especially, our everyday lives.

MEET ICT and BITEX is not designed to be just an informative event or showcase technologies, rather it is a stage for conversations, case-studies and high-impact insights that will define the business decisions of tomorrow. This complete experience that unites advancements and innovations will surely enrich and empower the level of human, economic and of course, cultural progress for the betterment of our society and possibly across the region as well.

On behalf of all the organizing committee and partners, I welcome all participants and attendees to MEET ICT and BITEX 2020 with the hope that the event will be memorable and successful for you, as always.



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