BTECH’s Message

Meet ICT - Ubaydli Ubaydli

Ubaydli Ubaydli

Chairman – BTECH (Bahrain Technology Companies Society)

MEET ICT where Innovative and Adaptive Digital Transformation happen.
Innovation is a core competence if a company wants to succeed in any business environment, especially when that business environment surrounds the Information & Communication Technology Industry. In a rapidly growing industry where new technologies dominate the market, we have to understand how an ICT individual & Company can keep up with these changes to sustain themselves as a strong competitor amongst their peers.

As Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH), we make sure to take the initiative to educate and raise awareness for the latest introductions in Technology such as Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IOT, etc. to ensure that our ICT industry is as robust as any other ICT industry in the world, if not better. Bahrain has the potential of becoming the ICT hub of the region; and we are determined to work towards achieving that goal through innovation and adaptability to change in Technology.
MEET ICT should not only be seen as an efficient communications and sales channel. They also influence product and pricing strategies, and as information technology evolves they naturally change too.

By taking part in MEET ICT exhibitors can implement their strategies regarding communications, advertising, pricing and sales conditions, as well as distribution and products, and they can make clear the role they look forward to occupying within the market.
The majority of exhibitors regard taking part in MEET ICT as an integral part of the marketing mix they employ. MEET ICT enables companies to achieve a whole range of their business objectives.

When companies use MEET ICT as marketing platform they must focus and economize, because trade fairs have many functions. One of their strong points is that they are not held continuously, but at the intervals determined by a particular industry’s pace of innovation.
Change is inevitable in the ICT industry. Therefore, we need to understand how can a company adapt to these changes in a way that would cost less and remove tough obstacles. This is why we are here today.

The 9th edition of Meet ICT & BITEX promises to explore in depth the innovative solutions Digital Transformation has to offer and the best ways to implement these solutions without affecting the daily operations of the company.
Furthermore, this year, Thanks to Tamkeen, we were able to expand Bahrain ICT industry in MEET ICT and include Bahraini Startups as part of these events. Our interest in supporting Startups has increased over the past few years, and we are determined to introduce more focused initiative to help these startups succeed in Bahrain and internationally.

I would like to Welcome you to MEET ICT & BITEX and I hope you have a pleasant learning experience.

Organizer’s Message

Meet ICT - Ahmed AlHujairy

Ahmed ALHujairy

Group CEO – Worksmart for Events Management

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am honoured and delighted to welcome you at the 9th Edition of MEET ICT and BITEX 2019.
With this year’s theme “Innovative and Adaptive Digital Transformation” we would like to emphasize the impact of the fast-moving digital world in each individual and established companies.

The event combines unrivaled conference content with a major exhibition and a well-crafted networking opportunity.
MEET ICT Conference will bring outstanding 30+ international speakers to take you into the world of digital transformation focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Fintech and more.

BITEX Exhibition will display cutting-edge innovative products and services. The exhibition will provide participants with a stimulating environment, giving them the opportunity to find investors, buyers, and business partners.

As part of the organizing committee, I am fully aware that the success of the event depends ultimately on all the members who have worked extremely hard for the details of important aspects of the event. Thus, I am confident that all participants will immensely benefit from this prestigious event.

Once again, I am looking forward to welcoming you all in the leading ICT event in the Kingdom, the MEET ICT and BITEX 2019.



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